Friday, November 14, 2008

Cities Line Up to Apply for Bailout Money

Now that banks, credit card companies and the auto industry have applied for federal bailout money, the next group to apply are cities. Major cities such as Philadelphia are asking the federal government to loan them money from the $700 Billion. I will lose the little respect I have left for the President if he allows cities and towns to be part of this bailout package. Once that happens, there will be no end to it all.


CRCHAIR said...

I sent an e-mail to my representative and senators to let them know that I do not want them to allow cities, towns or states to receive money from the bailout package.

Nomad said...

What part of "This is a bailout out for FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS" don't people understand? The idea was to stabilize the economic system. Not to save everyone from having to raise prices/taxes or fix their internal problems.

Sigh. This is why a PHILOSOPHY of government is important. Without it, we're just always responding to the loudest voice at any given moment. What turns a democracy from mob-rule to constitutional, is the ability to say NO to something which is popular but wrong.