Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kissing the Party Goodbye

Well, I've had it. I've been as loyal as someone with a brain can be at this point, and I don't think I can continue on anymore. I suspect, witnessing all that has happened in the past two years and all that is happening currently, that I will no longer be a Republican by the next election cycle. Why is that? Several reasons, all centered around the fact that this party will not remove it's head from a darkened orifice. And I know, there is a big debate coming. I'll stick around to see where it goes. However, I full suspect that regardless of how this "great debate" ends, I will not wish to call the Republican party my political home any longer.

We have seen one of the most poorly run campaigns by one of the worst Republican candidates in decades. And I could deal with that, except for all that it has shown of the awful pit that the Republican party has become. On the one hand, we've seen so-called conservatives completely abandon the party with the absurd claim that Obama was actually the true conservative candidate. Right. I wouldn't mind it as much if they would just admit what they believe...That Sarah Palin is trailer park trash unworthy of their notions of highbrow societal correctness. It's hardly a surprise that someone like Noonan, Will, or Buckley Jr. would find such a woman beneath them. I mean, after all, she wasn't born into the elite class and she hasn't spent her entire life in the DC area soaking up the atmosphere. So clearly, she could not possibly offer anything. Such elitists disgust me and I'm embarrassed to be in a party with people who cannot look on a somewhat average human being with anything but disdain. The idea that you have to be of Washington-bred elite to possibly be a decent candidate is not in any way a conservative idea. If this is the "thinking class" in the party, I find no reason to stay. Add to that the constant attacks on her faith because (God forbid, she's got a Pentecostal past!) and these supposed conservative thinkers have said everything you need to hear/read to know exactly what they think of us "commoners."

On the other hand, we have far too many examples of "the base" willing to accept anything and everything they are told. How many Republicans have I had to debate about rather Obama was a Muslim? Or worse yet, that he was the anti-Christ. Please. Sarah Palin is not the best thing since sliced-bread and Obama is not the anti-Christ (I don't think he is anyway.) It seems like the party has attracted a branch willing to accept the most absurd ideas out there. In the age of Snopes, there is no reason to be that ignorant of what is going on. Now, I know that not everyone has the internet. But I would guess that everyone could at least have access to it. I mean, virtually every library in the country offers free usage. It's not that hard. I know that you could argue that these things are true of many Americans, not just Republicans. And you're right. But ignorance doesn't excuse ignorance. I expect a party of principle to demand that it's members rise to a higher standard. Of course, that same type of thinking is what got me invited to leave our last church, so maybe I just really am expecting too much. Perhaps we should just give up on the idea of integrity and principles and all that.

The third group who has really irked me, and who I believe should be run out of the Republican party forever, is the McCain staff. It's bad enough that these clownshoes ran the most idiotic campaign I'll probably ever live to see. (I pray so, anyway.) But now, rather than accepting defeat and admitting that they deserve the brunt of the blame. They are instead setting Palin up to take all the blame. Tucker Bounds is easily one of the sleaziest and most despicable people I have seen in the cycle. And sadly, he is just one of many such in the campaign. The dirt that the staff has already started to throw around is starting to make Sullivan and the rest of the left's attacks look tame in comparison. Even more sad is the information that apparently some of Romney's staffers have been behind the attacks as well. This sinking, festering, joke of a conservative campaign shows us the worst of what the Republicans can put forward. If any of these people are actually rewarded by the party with anything other than 50 lashes, I don't see any reason to stay.

I appreciate Nomad's thoughts on the past below. I think he's right. But more and more, I also don't believe that the party is going to be willing to do what it needs to. Now it's possible. We might just get some actually leadership with the will to do what it takes to actually do conservative government again. The Lord knows that after the last eight years, we need something. But from the looks of it so far, all the wrong factions are far ahead in the blame game and in the process of getting their message out. Unless those who hold dear to true conservative philosophy (and not just when the polls look good) stand up and take the party back by force, I seriously doubt that I'll wear the Republican tag in four years.


Sean said...

For the most part I wholeheartedly agree with Ward on this topic. Yet in spite of all that has gone wrong in the GOP over the last 8 years, Johnny Mac managed to get more votes than any Republican ever. Now that doesn't excuse stupidity, but it does show that there is still a large segment of the country that realizes there is something better than center-left crap that's been thrown at us for a while.

My only response is that in the wake of Jimmy Carter we got Ronald Regan. I have hope that things will swing the other way again as we see the sure excesses of a completely left leaning federal government.

Nomad said...

I appreciate Ward's thoughts (and it is nice to see a good meaty post!) and will admit I have toyed with the idea of changing my official affiliation. But honestly, I think it is premature to jump ship now. The GOP worked itself from a clearly-defined philosophical party, into a party where the only "principles" were winning the next election. If you look at the Democratic Party that elected Jimmy Carter and fought Ronald Reagan, they had become the same thing. They needed time in the wilderness (arguably, they were there from the middle of Clinton's first term) to figure out who they were.

The GOP needs the same thing. First, we'll shed the power-mad types who only cling to a party to get power. They have no principles anyway, and don't care about philosophy. They just want to be pulling the string. Then we'll lose the hangers-on who support a party only to get a sinecure job. Then we'll lose those who who only called themselves Republicans because of the personalities of Ronald Reagan, Bush 1, or Bush 2. Well be left with those who actually hold to a common philosophy and who can form a coalition around common goals. That is what we need.

Overall, I would encourage all of us to not to move too quickly. If you feel the Dems represent you, go ahead. Otherwise, only make a move if you feel there is a Third Party that really reflects you and which can get you excited. Declaring yourself "Independent"only makes you feel better, and removes your ability to vote in primaries. Let's not make the same mistake as so many others and make a move like this purely to soothe our own egos.

My two cents. And this comes from a guy who VOTED third party in the election. But that vote was to influence the GOP, post election.

Ward said...

I appreciate the comments =) Really, if I'm not a Republican in four years, it won't be because I have left the party but rather that the party will have left me. If we collectively get ourselves together, I will be content enough to continue on. But if the past years have been any indication of what the future of Republican brand conservative government is, then I will contend that it is the party that has abandoned us and those who take conservative principles seriously will have to find a new home.

But no worries, I'm not heading off just yet =)

Nomad said...

Oh, and one more thing. Can we ALL agree to stop letting our fellow Christians call Obama the anti-Christ? He reached out to Christian voters more than any Democrat since Carter. The fact that we disagree with his policies does not make him EVIL.

>Grump< Can you tell I have gotten a lot of this in the last 48 hours?

shadowmom1 said...

What energized the Republican party base? Not John Mc Cain. It was Sarah Palin, who is a true conservative. I think that shows that there are still plenty of true Conservatives in the Republican party.

Sean said...

I agree with shadowmom that it was Palin that energized the base. I think that she could have a good chance next time around *IF* she gets a firm handle on foreign affairs and can show herself knowledgeable on those issues. She's definitely got the charisma to get a crowd to follow her, it's all about convincing everybody else that she's not a dunce - as the McCain camp seems to have decided to present her.

"Nick" said...

Palin has the charisma, but she doesn't (or didn't anyway) explain what she believed and why. We don't need another conservative who skates by on charisma and folksy-ness, we got that in Bush and it turned out he wasn't really conservative.

We need a conservative who is articulate and intelligent, and who is able to explain to many people on many levels what conservative principles are and how and why they work, and still have the charisma. We need a Reagan or Lincoln.

And I agree with Ward, if the party doesn't turn back and rediscover itself, I don't think I can support it.

BowHunter said...

She might turn into another John Edwards. Failed vep bid to failed pres bid.

galia said...

I don't get how anybody can be serious about Palin as a candidate for VP!!! Common, I am better looking and younger, and conservative and smarter and definetely have more foreign experience than her, since i actually had my passport since i was 21 and travelled to many countries since. And i know better than wink during a serious debate. And hey, i know that Africa has many countries. Should I run for office next time?