Friday, November 07, 2008

Recommended Reading List for Obamerica?

Well, we will soon be living in a country with Barack Obama as Chief Executive, with Democrats in charge of both houses of Congress, and with more state governments run by Democrats. This is a change for many of us, and is sure to have a period of adjustment.

I am wondering if any Mod-Bloggers have any recommended reading for preparing ourselves for this new world? Obviously, we have Obama's two books. Another blog claimed that The Wretched Earth was a formative book for our President-Elect. What other books or websites would people recommend we use to understand the coming new world?


Wacko! said...

Obama Nation (note the other meaning)

Sean said...

The book of Revelation ;)

Nomad said...

Isn't Obama Nation basically a hit piece on Obama? I'd prefer to read some things that explain his mindset and major influences.

galia said...

I would like to hope that Obama administration would do things differently than Bush. 180 degrees different direction, especially in the foreign politics. And I am very excited having Obama as president. I voted for Obama 100%. But i doubt that the major changes are coming soon, simply because he is not the only one to decide things in White House. So relax! Don't worry!
And one more thing, i am just curious, is anyone on this blog scared of socialism?