Saturday, November 15, 2008

With economy down, Yankees decide to try and buy a championship

I am a major Yankees fan.  I like the history and the team and mostly the warm memories I have watching them.  One thing I don't like is how they throw money around hoping that it will result in an instant championship. They've done this several times as of late like Randy Johnson and A.Rod.  Now they're at it again trying to buy CC Sabathia, who many people consider the best pitcher in baseball, as well as a couple other pitchers.  If we, as baseball fans, have learned anything from this year's Tampa Bay team it's that a championship team takes time to build and that there is something to say for team camaraderie. Don't get me wrong, as a Yankees fan, I would love to see Sabathia on the Yankees, but he's not going to be why the Yankees win another championship. The Yankees along with every baseball team, needs to work on building a team and not just a collection of all-stars.

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