Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All 30 GB Zunes Froze Today?

This seems unbelievable, but I am reading about it everywhere from multiple sources. But to be fair, I have not confirmed it with anyone I know who owns a Zune (Yes, I do know one guy). It is being reported that this morning, all 30 GB Zunes froze up and will not reboot or reset. There are isolated reports of successful unfreeze after letting the battery drain completely. Microsoft has yet to post anything about it on their own pages.

Wow, I can only imagine the apocalypse if this happened with the iPod or iPhone. How many people will be sitting in Times Square grumbling because their Zune won't play? Does this mean the end for Microsoft's attempt to invade the musical marketplace?


Sean said...

considering only like 5 people own a zune, i'm sure it won't be that big of an issue.

Nomad said...

My friend with the Zune has confirmed he is affected, as are others he knows with a Zune. (High Schooler - he and his friends love the Shared Music feature.)

It is getting ugly out there. Hopefully, Microsoft has already called people in to get this sorted out. Otherwise, they just handed Apple their next "Mac vs PC" ad, and DrudgeReport.Com a headline to ring in the New Year.