Saturday, December 27, 2008

Biking Update - December 27, 2008

Weight Graph for December 26, 2008This week was notable for two things. First, for the first time in many, many, many years, I crossed a line in the BMI (Body Mass Index) graph from "Obese" to "Overweight." This is a huge deal for me, as even when I was not too much overweight in the past (in my own mind at least) the BMI always said I was "obese". This is first time since I tried Atkins that I have been simply "overweight." Or as Mom calls it "normal." The Wii Fit indicates that my "ideal weight" is 162 lbs, which is less than I weighed in high school, when I was pretty much skin, bones, and muscle, so I doubt I will ever (or would want to) reach there. But being here is a big accomplishment and a huge encouragement. (And I was able to wear my "skinny suit" to the Christmas Eve service!) Second, Christmas hit. I was pretty good overall - still avoided sugar - but Christmastime in American means lots of food whose choice you have limited control and late nights (and thus little sleep). So, you can see on the graph, after a new low last Saturday I had a jump in weight and held pretty steady until yesterday when Christmas lunch and dinner pushed me up again. But Christmas is now over and it is likely I will be able to return to eating strictly, at least until New Years.

Chesner Family Christmas Photo 2008-2Oh, and again this week the only biking I was able to do was on the stationary bike. Early sunsets, frigid weather, and rain meant there was little chance to go outside without threatening my health. Today is supposed to be (relatively) warm, but possibly very rainy. So we may be able to get out and exercise a bit in the great outdoors. And now that the Solstice is past, the days should be getting longer.

This is the last Saturday "Biking Update" post of 2008, so it seemed worth noting a few accomplishments biking-wise in the last year.
- Bike first purchased: June 7, 2008
- First Bike Ride: June 8, 2008 - By the River in Shelton with CRChair and Bowhunter
- First Biking Trail Ride: June 14. 2008 - On the Larkin Bridle Trail with Nick & Nora
- First 100 miles ridden: August 3, 2008
- Second 100 miles ridden: September 20, 2008
- Total Miles Ridden in 2008: 267.38 miles
- Total Pounds Lost in 2008: 63.2 lbs

Overall, I think 2008 was a success. Not only did I lose a significant amount of weight, but I kept it off as well. I can now climb the stairs at work without breathing hard, I have little to no back pain on a regular basis (since my surgery until I started this program I literally hurt every day), I am very "regular" now, and I actually get some good looks from the single ladies here and there. For 2009, I plan more of the same, with a few moderate goals. First, I want to try and hit 200 lbs by the end of next year. That is only another 20 lbs in 12 months, but I like achievable goals. Second, I want to take part in a number of charity races, including the short (20 miles) form of the Ididaride. (Bowhunter did the long - 75 miles - form in 2008, and I doubt I will be up to that quite yet.) Third, I want to maintain this weight loss all the way thru to the end of 2009. They always say the hard part of dieting is not losing weight, but keeping it off. I want the new lifestyle to be one that I can do long-term and maintain.

Wish me luck and God's blessings health-wise and weight-wise in 2009. And maybe a chance to find that special lady, now that I have a shape that is sometimes worth looking at.

The Nomad Will Wander Biking by the Beack in Startford in Freezing Temps (12/6/2008)

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"Nick" said...

WOW! The two pictures at the end say it all! I see you on a semi regular basis, and I have noticed that you look much thinner and trimmed, but seeing the two side by side... wow.

Congratulations! And never fear, I may not be biking with you today, but I am here to help make sure you can achieve your goals and keep the weight off!