Thursday, December 11, 2008

George Bush Doesn't believe Bible is Literally True

In an interview Monday, President George Bush said that he doesn't believe that the Bible is literally true. He then goes on to say some things that would also be rough for evangelicals who voted for him to swallow. This includes saying he believes he prays to the same God as people in other religions. I'm not saying the President Bush is not "Born Again", but he is definitely not as much part of the Christian Right as we thought. This begs the questions. If President Bush is not a Christian Conservative and is not a Fiscal Conservative, then what is he?


quizwedge said...

Homeland defense conservative? Aren't the three types of conservatives moral, fiscal, and defense? Because if not, then I can't see how he's a conservative anymore.

Nomad said...

A cynic might say he is a "chose your side to gain power and not because I really believed" Conservative.

BowHunter said...

And the guy who has disliked Bush since day one says... "huh, figures."