Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HIV does not need a break to enter the body

For years, conservatives has been ridiculed for claiming the only sure way to prevent AIDS was to abstain from sex outside of marriage or at least outside of a committed relationship with a tested, monogamous partner. We have been told over and over that there are plenty of effective alternative methods to prevent HIV transmission. But again, we are learning HIV is wily and extremely flexible in its infection strategy.

Instead of infiltrating breaks in the skin, HIV appears to attack normal, healthy genital tissue, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday in a study that offers new insight into how the AIDS virus spreads.

They said researchers had assumed the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, sought out beaks in the skin, such as a herpes sore, in order to gain access to immune system cells deeper in the tissue...

He said until now, scientists had little understanding of the details of how HIV is transmitted sexually in women.
But fear not. I am sure the leaders in our public schools will never allow abstinence to be taught.


shadwomom1 said...

This must be especially troubling news for the "safe sex" crowd. I wonder if the new information will be put out there by the media, or will it be ignored so as to not upset those who do not want to hear it?

This also helps to explain the extrodinary rate of aids in Africa. It spreads so much more easily that previously thought.

Nomad said...

Interestingly, there was another bit of news recently on the African AIDS infection rate. They found that a specific gene set which gives SIGNIFICANT resistance to malaria, also gives AIDS a MAJOR boost in its ability to infect and reproduce. It explains why the disease is especially virulent in areas with huge populations of malaria mosquitos, which was previously unexplained.