Saturday, December 13, 2008

The "Reality-Based" Community

I really, really want to join the Reality-based community. It seems like the rules are awesome. Say whatever you want, regardless of facts, and you've created a new reality. I mean really, how awesome is that? Take this example from DU.

As a lifelong Democrat I have watched in despair as the Republicans turned working Americans to their side with twisted "values" issues, convincing blue-collar workers and the suburban middle class to vote Republican on the basis of guns, God, and gays. W the loser was a "nice guy you want to have a beer with" and Ronald Reagan was a saint.

It seemed like nothing the Democrats said made any difference. We were "elitist." We fussed about unimportant things like the economy using big words and "lying with statistics." We "didn't care about the little guy."

Recent events have finally opened the eyes of the people. Multi-billionaire Wall Street hedge fund operators get a no-strings-attached bail-out and keep their bonuses and luxury junkets, but Detroit gets nothing unless the skilled workers who build the cars agree to slash their wages and benefits. The real Republican family values are now exposed for all to see.
Am I on crazy pills? The Democrats were the party that pushed the bailout for Wall Street. Bush and McCain were among the only Republicans to actually support the legislation. Sadly, the leadership in Congress wussed out and went along with it, but it was kicking and screaming. The Wall Street bailout was a liberal plan from start to finish.

How on earth can anyone look at that and rewrite history so easily? And now those mean Republicans don't want to give the big 3 everything they want on a silver platter and have actually grown a backbone enough to stand up to the President. Ironically enough, supporting the wishes of the considerable majority of this nation while they do it. I don't know what reality liberals live in, but it might be nice to vacation there on occasion, if only I could find a map to la-la-land.


Sean said...

I find it ironic that the reason this bill didn't pass was b/c the UAW wouldn't back down on any of their wage requirements. Now I would never want to take a cut in pay, but if it meant keeping my job or losing my job - because the company went bankrupt or worse - then I'd probably take the pay cut. Less money is better than no money. Especially when less money is like $25 - $30/hr. So, aside from any stupid moves on the part of the administration, the UAW signed their own pink slip by not backing down. How stupid is that - not to mention anti-worker.

Nomad said...

When the history of this time is written, I think we're going to learn just how much Bailout Fever is distorting the market. Just a few months back, everyone was speculating on who would purchase Chrysler. GM and Ford were both interested, Toyota was reported as investigating them, etc. Now, why bother to buy out Chrysler BEFORE they get their interest-free bailout cash? Without the bailout, it is not unlikely that someone would have ALREADY bought out the company and saved it.

Instead, all we hear is that only government can save the companies... and the governor of Michigan calls anyone who doubts it "un-American".

Anonymous said...

uh... cognitively thread )