Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Talk about Bad Timing!

This last week, the local high school in Shelton, CT was upbraided by the CT state Fire Marshall for not complying with the fire code. The local Fire Marshall had been dismissive of the non-compliance, first claiming they had a waiver and then saying that no waiver was needed. Overall, the state felt the school was out of compliance because of lack of sprinklers and external exits for many classrooms. The state is expected to order soon that the school be brought into compliance.

Well, before such an order can be given, an explosion and fire has been reported at the high school during a Freshman girl's basketball game.

Updated 9:01 PM: Here is the video of the story.


"Nick" said...

The best part is that there were compact fluorescent bulbs that broke... so hazmat had to be called in to clean up.

So now... if you have a house fire not only do you have to deal with the fire and the water, but now you have to deal with chemical cleanup... yet another cost to be passed on to taxpayers over this stupid carbon thing.

Mrs. Bowhunter said...

Has anybody noticed that the entire building is made of brick !!!! Little chance of burning down. And oh yeah, the building was built during the last energy crisis and complied with all the silly ideas of energy conservation. The school it self has a decreased number of windows so heat could not escape and would stay cool during the summer. There was no code back then to force the school system to have fire sprinklers. It's just pure nonsense.