Saturday, January 03, 2009

Quickie Biking Update - January 3, 2008

New Years 2008 Trip (12/31/2008, 1/1/2008, 1/2/2008) - 02I put up a major update on Wednesday, so I am going to keep this one brief (and no graph, because the hotel internet is not playing along). I am doing okay over the holidays. I am staying well below my last goal of 230 lbs, but am having a hard time staying at my new goal of 220 lbs. I hit it one day just before Christmas, and have not gotten back there. But my goal DATE for that was February 1, so I have some time to recover from the Christmas-New Years difficulties. And the difficulties are not getting in exercise. That is going well. It is the portions. Hard to say "No" when Mom2 offers more roast beast or you're traveling and you can't bring home the other half of your meal anyway, so... Anyway, overall staying on plan and staying sugar-free which has me feeling good. Except when I step on the scale and see that the larger portions are pushing me farther from my goal.

Baby E with CRChairThe last few days since New Years have been great for bike riding. We're traveling - visiting Ward, Muse, and Baby E - and the time at the hotels has been SPECTACULAR for trying out my new 2008 Dahon Matrix. I bought this thing to make keeping up my exercise program while on the go easier, and it has been paying off in spades. The first day away I biked in 14 degree weather with extreme windchill. (That is where the "ninja biker" picture up top comes from.) Yesterday, I rode around downtown Dover, where I was thrilled to see there were bike lanes. Today, I repeated my exportation of downtown Dover and tried out the Matrix on a few gravel paths as well as the nice roads. All of our hotels have been back in corporate-park type areas, so there have been a lot of empty roads to cut loose on. It is only 3 days into 2009 and I have already logged 15.88 miles. Nothing for a hard-core biker like Jill in Alaska or the Weekend Adventurer, but a good "morning jog" pace for someone like me.

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too bad the weekend adventurer blog is totally inactive because all that guy thinks about is when he can get outside again.