Saturday, March 21, 2009

Biking Update - March 21, 2009

Weight Log for March 20, 2009Wow, this last week was a tale of two cities - the best of times and the worst of times. On the downside, I gained about 5 lbs over a "free weekend" when I allowed myself to eat what I wanted (except sugar). I enjoyed potato chips, french fries, and pizza and OH! it tasted good. But I paid for it as the pounds piled back on to a max of 213 lbs on Tuesday. But the UPSIDE of "free" times is they allow my metabolism to "reset" and any sense my body had of having to hoard energy is wiped out. So, I made it back down to my previous low of 208 lbs by Friday meaning the "free weekend" was a wash in the end. I am hopeful it means some new lows to come soon.

Biking by the Shore in Stratford (3/15/2009) - 22But besides the food, this weekend was also great because I got to ride with CRChair and Bowhunter along the shore in Stratford. We had an unbalanced ride for the first half, as not only were Bowhunter and CRChair held back by less training (I am doing 10 miles a night on the stationary bike right now, and they are doing 10 miles of life instead) but Bowhunter was also weighted down by a trailer in which he was pulling the Bowhunter babies. But about halfway thru, he decided I was ready for a little parental responsibility (and a little challenge) and strapped the trailer onto MY bike. Hmmm... A little bit more difficult! I was just about pulling the same weight that I was pulling when I started my biking journey! :-D But I kept up the same speed as before, and we had a great time. We did 10.6 miles which is less than usual, but not bad for a Sunday.

This next week looks positive. We're planning to bike again on Sunday (Saturday is booked with social events) and I'll be on-plan all week, eating-wise. And, we're looking forward to the return of biking up to Captains for GNO, every Tuesday - also known as "REAL biking up major hills." Oh, what fun!

Biking by the Shore in Stratford (3/15/2009) - 01

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