Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter goes to the Dems

Some may remember in 2001 when Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords switched from the Republican to the Democratic party in an attempt to create a clear majority for the Democrats. They may also remember it did not amount to much in the end. Well, Republican Senator Arlen Specter - famous for breaking ranks with the Republican party on the stimulus package - has decided to follow the same path and will be switching to the Democratic Party.

Much will be made of this - some will likely say it is the "death knell for the GOP". But the fact is that Specter already made the choice when he supported the stimulus package. He is now looking at his district, and see there are no Republicans willing to support him for another term - he will lose in the primary. So he is rolling the dice by jumping ship. Likely, he will still lose and wind up a man without a party.

Still, who knows? I have been wrong before. Maybe the real change will be the GP convincing Senator oe Lieberman to come over to the GOP. After all, he has allegedly been informed by party leaders that they will NOT support him in his next reelection bid.


BH said...

It seems that the longer people stay in DC, the more corrupt they become... and the closer to the democrat party they lean.

shadowmom1 said...

No loss. Good riddance.