Saturday, April 11, 2009

Biking Update - April 10, 2009

Weight Graph for 4/10/2009The last few weeks have been reasonably good for biking, but the weight loss has been pretty much flat. As of today, I am still holding between 208 lbs and 211 lbs. I seem to spike up over the weekend (when I am eating a bit more) and then lose the weekend weight during the week. I am not yet sure if I have reached my natural low, or if I have just reached a plateau and need to shake things up. We'll see as the weeks go on.

Riding the Trumbull Trail with Nick & Nora (4/4/2009) - 02Biking-wise, it was a decent start to the week, with a ride on the Trumbull Trail. I rode with Crchair, Nick, and Nora. They have significantly expanded the trail this year. Last year, it went from downtown Trumbull near the old Town Hall to the Victorinox Office. Now, it goes around that same office, up the hill, along a development, and over to Purdy Hill in Monroe. Soon, the Monroe and Trumbull Trails will be one long ride. I can't wait!

The rest of the week was a bust for riding due to cold and rain. April showers have truly arrived. But then, you need the April showers to have the May flower (and Spring allergies in general). I'll be enjoying Easter tomorrow, and hopefully will enjoy some riding opportunities to come.

Riding the Trumbull Trail with Nick & Nora (4/4/2009) - 16

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