Saturday, April 25, 2009

Biking Update - April 25, 2009

Riding the Larkin Bridle Trail with Nick and Nora (4/18/2009) - 05No time for a long update today, but suffice to say it was a good weekend for biking then a poor week for it. We rode the Larkin Bridle Trail with Nick and Nora and had a GREAT time, despite very uneven conditions. The rest of the week was also uneven for weight loss, as I had no time to bike (due to activities surrounding preparation for a trip this weekend) and saw a spike up and then a spike down which means I am basically back where I started. This upcoming weekend is a "free weekend when I can have what I want (within reason). We'll see if I get to do any biking. Not while we're away, but maybe on Monday.
Weight Log for April 24, 2009

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