Saturday, April 04, 2009

Biking Update - April 4, 2009

Weight Log as of April 3, 2009This has been an interesting week for weight loss, as I am beginning to struggle between two different tendencies. First, is my goal-oriented nature which wants to get as low as possible before my one-year anniversary on June 1. Second, is my realization that weight-loss can NOT be the be-all, end-all of my existence, and that I need to keep my priorities straight. I have lost 75 lbs in the last year, which is a wonderful thing. But in the pursuit of more fitness and less weight, I have found myself sometimes starting to skew my perspective. I am tending to say "No" to things simply so that I can get in one more session on the exercise bike. And I am sometimes saying "No" to food in search of less calorie intake, when doing so has the potential to hurt relationships. I have even skipped a few times with the Lord because by the time my nightly bike ride was done, it was just too late. The realization came to me this week that I always tends to go too far, and that it takes vigilance to keep things in balance. I need to keep looking for opportunities to lose weight, but be mindful that they are a means to an end, not the end in themselves. So, I ate some food this week that was not on plan, to maintain friendships. And I took a day or two off, to make sure I had time for what mattered. This meant that I wound up basically flat for the week, weight-loss wise. But it meant I wound up a generally happier person, as well.

Biking to Captains for Friday Family Dinner (3/27/2009)Because of my decision to keep things in balance, the only outdoors bike ride I got this week was last Friday when CRChair and I rode up to Captains Pizza together. The rest of the weekend was taken up with church and family/friend events including the dedication of the children of a close-as-family-friend and a quiz meet. The week itself has been busy and rainy and simply not conducive to two-wheeled riding (we don't have bike lanes, and CT drivers are not always mindful of sharing the road). But I am back up to 12 miles a day on the stationary bike, so fitness is being maintained for the next time we are able to get "oot and aboot" (to quote Sean).

This upcoming week may be better for biking. We're hoping to ride the Trumbull Trail with friends today, if the weather holds, and we'll probably start biking to our Tuesday Guys Night Out on Tuesday. If so, it should be a good week for cycling.

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