Thursday, April 23, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage to become law in CT

It appears the CT legislature is poised to make same-sex marriage the law in the Nutmeg State. There was significant resistance from religious groups fearful of the lack of exceptions for faith-based organizations, but it appears that the legislation has been amended and now the bill is likely to pass.

"Obviously the Supreme Court decision in 'Kerrigan' has made same sex marriage the law of the state of Connecticut," said Senator John McKinney. "What we're trying to do is make sure that there are protections for religions and religious organizations with respect to the performing of marriage ceremonies and celebrations of marriages."

"It appears that the religious liberties issues are being addressed and that's a very good thing," said Pat Korten of the Knights of Columbus. "Obviously, the bill that came out of committee had virtually nothing of that sort. This is major progress."
This has been coming for a while, and I think it is inevitable that same-sex marriage is essentially law of the land in the USA. I disagree with the philosophical arguments, but they are not incoherent. Now is the time for Conservatives to honestly assess what same-sex marriage in all (or at least most) states means for them. And how they want to explain this move to the children.


Sean said...

I read yesterday that a group, sorry I don't remember which one, wants to have same-sex marriage as law in all six New England states by 2012. They are pretty close - VT and MA have it as official law, CT is almost there and ME is on the way. All that is left is RI and NH. That will be a pretty strong block of states - along with any other state that approves it - to push other states toward it to provide equal protection.

I don't necessarily disagree with same-sex marriage, but this still makes me sad.

shadowmom1 said...

At least the CT law says marriage is between two people.
Still, there are not enough safeguards for religious organizations and people who may want to not perform the marriages or accomodate them.

Goatlover said...
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Nomad said...

Sorry, poster. I know you intended parody, but went over the line.