Saturday, May 09, 2009

Biking Update - May 8, 2009

Weight Log for May 8, 2009A bad week for biking - thunderstorms, drizzles, and downpours conspired against cycling over the weekend and expected thunderstorms stopped all but Bowhunter from riding up to GNO. But a good week for weight loss. Last week's nearly-inexplicable spike of pounds pretty much melted away this week, and I even hit a new low - 205.8 lbs - for a VERY brief period. Overall, I seem to be settling back to the 206 - 210 lb swing that I entered before Districts, leading me to suspect that I need to change something in order to go lower. So, I am resuming the 100 push-up challenge, along with 50 crunches a day. We'll see if that helps to add some more calorie-burning power to my situation. I am not sure if I am really ready to decrease my calorie count any more, so exercise has to be the way.

The other interesting occurence of the week was the discovery of some old (pre-digital) photos from 2001. I scanned them in and was reminded of just how far I have come. Here is a 2001 photo next to one taken at Districts. In some ways, it is hard to tell it is the same man.

Family Vacation 2001 Districts 2009 (Day 2) - 4/25/2009

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