Thursday, May 28, 2009

How badly are Christians portrayed in Hollywood?

Yes, I know that programs like Focus on the Family have beaten this to death, but it is still worth considering. Why does Hollywood believe it is okay to beat on Christians more than any other religious group? Is it that familiarity breeds contempt, or that the only overtly religious figures who catch the attention are stereotypes and hypocrites? Or is it simply lazy writing? (Warning, link has some non-family-friendly language.)

On the other hand, we’ve got Conservative Christians who are statistically far and away the most generous people on the planet (whether you’re judging by missionary work or basic tax returns) consistently being portrayed as hateful villains often using scripture to justify horrifying acts (see nearly every spiritual horror/psycho thriller movie made in the last three decades). Disregard the fact that people like my middle-class father annually give more to charity than President Obama and Joe Biden combined...
I am interested to know the opinions of Mod-bloggers on this. I think the comment about the charitable nature of Christians vs. the current president/vice-president is significant, too. Mostly because I know a few (non-rich) people who have confirmed the same thing about their own giving when compared to our leaders, including Hollywood's leaders.


Sam said...

I'm of the opinion that given that the powers that be of the time arranged the death of Jesus there is likely nothing that the powers that be of today won't do to blacken his name and the reputation of his followers. I think it reflects very negatively on them and doesn't hold up to any scrutiny. Let 'em say what they want.

Sean said...

I have a feeling that this has to do with a couple things. Christians bash Hollywood so it's sort of an eye for an eye. I think that starting in the 1950s and maybe before Hollywood took it on themselves to help loosen up the culture from its puritanical base and has not given up on this role. So, in some way the bashing of Christians has to do with them seeing themselves as 'liberators' of the repressed masses. While this is based in a misguided view of the current application of popular Christianity, it is a delusion that nobody seems to be challenging - at least nobody from within their ranks.