Saturday, June 13, 2009

Biking Update - June 12, 2009

Biking Solo by the Beach in Stratford (6/6/2009)A good week for weight loss and for biking. Just not a great week at work. I rode 20 miles solo on Saturday and then 12 miles with CRChair and the Bowhunters on Sunday - beautiful days and beautiful rides both. I rode pretty much every day during the week on the stationary bike (which is finally beginning to disintegrate, as I tore an arm off this week) due to rain. And I picked up the Trek Navigator 3.0 from Amity Bike in Woodbridge, so I can get back to riding some of the dirt trails again.

Riding by the Stratford Shore with the Bowhunters (6/7/2009) - 18Weight-loss wise, I was down a pound pretty much every day this week over the same day the previous week. No major advances, but what is (hopefully) steady progress. Work, on the other hand, had me sleeping 6 hours or less a night, every night. So my body is likely suffering some inefficiencies from that.

This weekend, I am hoping to again ride on both Saturday (solo) and Sunday (group). Maybe I'll try to up to 30 miles in a single ride, so that my goal of a 20 mile charity ride will seem easier and easier in comparison.

Weight Log for June 12, 2009

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