Saturday, June 06, 2009

Biking Update - June 6, 2009

Riding Solo by the Beach in Stratford (5/30/2009)Not a bad week. While I did not reach a new low, I did make it back under 210 lbs and stayed there all week. And I reached 206.4 lbs which was my first measurement under 207 in several weeks. These are encouraging trends! And, as observed by may, some of my difficulty in making "significant" weight loss may be that I am on week 4 (almost week 5) of the 100 Push-Up Challenge which is building muscle. I am not used to having that particular problem. Most of my life, the issue has been shedding a surplus of fat cells.

Riding Solo by the Beach in Stratford (5/30/2009)But there was something new this week on the biking front. For the first time, I took a long solo ride along the beach in Stratford. For some reason, I have almost always gone out with a group - at least my brother. I did a few short rides near home, and a few in the winter in Cherry Hill and Delaware. But never a really long ride. Last Saturday, I rode over 20 miles on my folding bike alone. It was a very different experience. In most ways, it was very pleasant. No worrying about outpacing anyone else - or being outpaced by more experienced riders. No concerns about worrying about whether or not I was going too far or spending too much time. The downside was the nagging worry about what I'd do if I crashed, since there was no one to notice and render aid. But there was no crash, and honestly I was not all alone for much of the ride. Usually, there was someone else nearby in a car or on foot. So it was not a problem.

I also learned that a man on a bicycle can not outrun two little girls on a gas-powered scooter. :-)

Weight Log for June 5, 2009

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