Monday, June 29, 2009

Comic Book writer detained for a Script

My father was a lawyer and had one piece of advice that was ALWAYS depressing to me as a writer: "Don't write anything down." He said this because more people have been rightly and wrongly prosecuted over something they wrote in a letter to a friend or family member than almost anything else. And once something is written down, it can never be taken back.

Well, it appears that my father was even more correct in the "Age of Terror" as a comic-book writer was detained by homeland security for having a script to a new comic which included fictional acts of terrorism.

I am sympathetic to the security screeners here. They had no immediate way to differentiate between an artist and a crank. But this really paints up the problem with the current security screening method. It is possible to smuggle in a gun or bomb, but not a piece of writing which is protected under the First Amendment.

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shadowmom1 said...

Number two advice is to keep silent if you are arrested, especially if you are innocent, as innocent comments can be twisted to make you sound guilty.