Monday, June 15, 2009

KFC's Grilled Chicken is Marinaded in Beef

This is more funny than anything else, but a rival restaurant chain has pointed out that the new KFC Grilled Chicken contains beef products. It is only in the marinade.

The marinade on the chain's new grilled chicken contains beef powder and rendered beef fat. And competitor El Pollo Loco wants you to know every finger-licking detail.

The plucky Costa Mesa restaurant company is making those beef byproducts the centerpiece of a new advertising campaign tweaking KFC....In one television commercial, Carley stands in a cow pasture and talks about a "fun fact" concerning KFC's grilled chicken, then discloses the beef ingredients.

"Small amounts of beef flavors are commonly used in seasonings for many food products, for both restaurant and retail use," Maynard said.

"For Kentucky Grilled Chicken's topical seasoning, beef flavors account for only 0.2% of the total seasoning," he added.
This certainly wouldn't stop me from buying the grilled chicken. All of the other horrible things about KFC do that quite effectively.


Nomad said...

A cousin wrote to remind me that this is a MAJOR issue for people with food allergies. She has a friend who simply can't eat safely at fast-food joins because of hidden ingredients like this which could endanger his health and life.

shadowmom1 said...

Also could be a stumbling block for those religions who consider cows sacred or do not eat beef for other reasons.

Old Lady said...

Where's the beef? Oh, there it is.