Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not a Coup in Honduras

I was discussing the situation in Honduras with Nomad yesterday and like many Americans he hadn't been following it much before the President was removed from office. Unfortunately, the American news media and our government aren't giving us the whole story either. For a good summary of what led up to the removal of the President click here to see a summary by Neal Boortz. The few sentence summary is this:

The President wanted to hold a constitutional referendum to rewrite the constitution to abolish term limits. The Congress had to agree to the referendum and didn't, so the President printed his own ballots. The Supreme Court ruled the referendum unconstitutional. The President planned to go ahead with the referendum anyway, so the Army arrested the President and pushed him into exile.

So he was removed from office for defying a Supreme Court order and trying to circumvent his country's constitution. That is a lot different from him having suffered through a coup.


Sean said...

CRChair, thanks for the quick summary. Sadly our President hasn't been following the story as closely as you have.

BH said...

Who cares about Honduras anyway? Did MJ ever set foot in that country? NO! So it isn't on the map!

Ok, Seriously, did you ever wish you would reach through your computer or TV and strangle a news provider... these are the days I wish I could.