Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smallville "Metropolis" movie on the way

This one is just a rumor that Smallville fans like CRChair may find partiularly interesting. Is the CW preparing for a transition from "Smallville" to a full-fledged Superman show?

Other info this untested source sent us suggests "Metropolis" is a movie-length project, and not a new series.

Word is “Smallville” will conclude its 9-year run May 2010, so it makes sense that the CW would tack on a couple more production hours up there in Canada to make a Superman TV-movie that would run seven or so months after the series’ conclusion.
Changing from a Pre-Superman to a Post-Superman show would give the CW a chance to change cast members, and perhaps even show-runner, without alienating existing fans. Might be a way to preserve an audience for a totally new show. It could be an interesting experiment.

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CRCHAIR said...

I'd sure give the new series a shot.