Saturday, July 11, 2009

Biking Update - July 11, 2009

Guys Night Out (7/8/2009) - 3This was both a good week for biking and not a great week for weight loss. I started off the week on Independence Day with a solo ride along the Stratford Shoreline and rode a new high of 25.3 miles. It was quite tiring, but quite satisfying. It is nothing like the 75 miles that Bowhunter rode on the Ididaride or the 100s of miles of the Great Divide Race, but it was my personal best. Then, on my birthday on Monday (July 6) I rode another 26.9 miles solo by the Stratford beaches. Finally, I rode up to Guys Night Out with Nick and CRChair. That is over 57 miles in a single week! Not bad.

Biking Solo by the Shoreline in Stratford (7/4/2009) - 15But at the same time, on my birthday I took a "free day" and ate what I wanted. No sugar - despite early plans to have some ice cream - but I had potato chips for the first time since New Years (I think) and a good pasta dinner at Bertuccis. That caused a major spike in my weight that is clearly visible on the graph below, but the weight has been slowly coming back down over the course of the week. I am confident if I can keep up the riding that I'll be back down shortly. I also purchased a new stationary bike to replace the old Wal-Mart cheapo that I destroyed in a little under a year, which should help me to get a better workout on nights when I am not biking outside.

Weight Log for July 10, 2009

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