Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Different Kinds of Schedules

I've known for sometime that an ill-timed meeting or interruption could throw my schedule off for an hour or more. As a programmer, I tend to work in blocks of time. It seemed that short of turning off e-mail and IM and hoping for no phone calls, I didn't have a good solution. Enter a great article about the difference between a "Maker's Schedule" and a "Manager's Schedule". A manager's schedule is broken into 1 hour segments. Meeting with someone is just a matter of finding a free spot. A maker's schedule is broken into tasks that can talk half a day or even a day. The solution? Plan meetings at the end of work day.


Ron said...

The problem is that a manager can actually plan his meetings where others are called to them.

Nomad said...

The other problem is that managers tend to spend their WHOLE DAY in meetings, every day. Thus, to them, the idea of a single meeting in the middle of the day seems like nothing. It is strange to them to think about it interrupting a creative flow, because by definition their work lacks a creative flow. It is their job mostly to filter noise and set/enforce policy.