Thursday, August 27, 2009

Google Books goes live with EPUB

I love my Kindle and the Kindle App on my iPhone even more. They allow me to have a whole library with me no matter where I am. If I know I'll have time to kill, the Kindle comes along. If it is a surprise, I can just pull out my iPhone. But while Amazon has a great selection of books, sometimes I don't want to shell out another $10.

Google has announced that Google Books - a service which provides millions of public domain books for free - is now offering the books in EPUB format. This open eBook format is supported by many readers out there. And with a little tinkering, your Kindle can access EPUB books directly without having to do any conversion on your PC or Mac. While I have not tried this myself (yet!) it will add incredible value to eBook readers and may be the final straw to move the masses away from paper.

Update (6:30 AM EST): Or if you'd rather convert it on your Mac/PC, Calibre is a free app that runs on Mac, Windows, or Linux to convert EPUB format to Kindle-readable formats.

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