Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bike Mount for your iPhone

I love to bike, but I also love my iPhone 3GS.  The device is the best PDA I have ever owned (speaking as someone who has owned wireless-connected PDAs since the Palm VII, and PDAs back to Windows CE-powered Phillips Niño), as well as a great tool for computing with a good GPS.  I bring it along on all of my rides, but until now it has always been kept in a back pocket of my jersey (sealed in a zip-lock bag when it is wet out).  Finally, Dahon is making a good, solid bike mount for the iPhone.  The mount locks in place to the handlebars, is silicon-based to hold the phone without scratching, is waterproof, allows full interaction with the screen while sealed, and can be rotated to take advantage of the different functions of portrait and landscape mode.  When this comes out, it may well replace my dedicated bike GPS altogether.  

It will be out in January for 49 Euros which is about $70.

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CRCHAIR said...

I will buy this when it is avalable.