Saturday, September 26, 2009

Biking Update - September 26, 2009

Back pain all week this week - not sure if it started as physical or emotional - meant no biking. Stayed strictly on plan for eating, but weight fluctuated wildly. I am still in my range, but nowhere near where I'd like to be. Hopefully, this weekend I can get back on the bike and start losing again.
Weight Log for September 25, 2009


"Nick" said...

It looks like you've hit the basic threshold for where your current exercise and diet plan will get you weight wise. Your fluctuations for the last several months are pretty similar to what I go through on a normal basis. Just normal weight changes, very small, very frequent. You are gaining and losing too little for it to be real weight gain or loss.

I think you need to start a more robust exercise regimen, something with weight training, to really give the muscles a harder workout. Cardio, which is what biking falls under, will get you to a certain point (you've reached it apparently) but then you need to really target the muscles with weights to make them work harder (you can bike or run for a long time, but try doing squats for more than a few minutes), which then burns more energy, resulting in weight loss (or fat loss, you may not lose weight because you build muscle).

If you want to join me at the gym sometime and try it out, let me know, but I think that may be the next step.

Mrs. Bowhunter said...

I agree with Nick, I think you are ready to step up your program. For me gyms are intimidating especially if you don't have a plan. I think the best route to follow would be seeking out guidance from a personal trainer. They can help you learn your way around a gym, give you advice about different exercises to follow and even diet advice. Many of trainers understand that people in general do not like to be stuck in a gym and will taylor the plan to the client's liking.

Mrs. Bowhunter said...

And by the way.... you are still doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work.