Friday, September 04, 2009

Blogger attempts to get The "Express Written Consent of Major League Baseball"

C'mon, admit it. When you hear those warnings during baseball games about not allowing any rebroadcast "without the express written consent of Major League Baseball", you wonder what exactly it would take to get it. The Simpsons even made of this by stating they only had "implied verbal consent." Well, one blogger who wanted to describe a game to a friend on his cell, decided to find out.

I explained my situation to her and asked how to go about getting express written consent. She wanted to know if I was going to blog about the game or do a podcast, and I said no, I just wanted to describe the game to someone while sitting on my living room couch.

"How could anyone stop you from talking about the game in your own living room?" she said, taking my request as a joke.

I reassured her that it wasn't. While I doubted the MLB spies would be able to get to me, the disclaimer made it very clear that I'm not allowed to give my account of the game, so I wanted express written consent that gave me permission to talk about the game, and I would post a blog about how I went about attaining the consent. She said someone else from MLB would be calling me.
At the risk of spoiling the punchline, he never did get his "express written consent."


shadowmom1 said...

You can describe a game to anyone. You just cannot use the words and pictures of official sources - game broadcasts, etc. They probably did not respond because it was unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

now I among your readers