Monday, September 07, 2009

Commodore 64 reborn... on the iPhone!

Despite my current status of an Apple Fanboy, my first computer had no relation to Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak. It was a Commodore 128 (a minor upgrade to the classic Commodore 64) - arguably less powerful than some Apple or IBM PCs of the day, but also far more affordable. It served me well until it was destroyed by careless use of the cartridge slot. It also took forever to load even simple games. But the simple games that it had were ground-breaking for the time in both graphics and playability, easily outdoing the gaming consoles of the day.

Now, the iPhone is bringing back the old days of the Commodore computer with a new third-party app that emulates these venerable computers and brings back some of the classic games. And unlike the original C64, these games load instantly. They even will be selling new games with in-app purchasing in the future.

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constant gina said...

oh okkk....bring on the SNES emulator!!!