Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Group seeks to ban Bicycles from roads

Some days, it is great to be a cyclist. You feel the wind in your face, you feel the burn as fat is consumed and you become more fit, and you realize you are out and about in the real world instead of sealed inside a metal capsule on wheels. Other days, it ain't so great. For example, when a group in Iowa tries to ban ALL BICYCLES from roads in the name of safety.

 The basic argument seems to be that "shared roads" are unsafe for both cyclists and automobile drivers, because of their significantly different travel styles (speed, maneuverability, etc.) But the attitude is nothing new to anyone who has ridden their bike on any road. Some car drivers believe the road belongs to them alone, and anyone else - on foot, on bicycle, on horseback, even in a stroller - is fair game.

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BH said...

That if fine to thing that... if they want to be WRONG!!! :-)

BH said...

Correction: thing -> think