Thursday, September 17, 2009

How folded can you go?

Yes, I guess I am on a folding bike kick this week.  I believe this got posted on Twitter, but is worth posting again.  A Royal College of Art student has created what may be the most fold-able bicycle on the planet.  Dubbed "The Contortionist", this model can fold to fit entirely into the circumference of its 26-inch (i.e. full-sized) wheels.  And, when folded, it can be rolled around like a piece of rolling luggage.  If we ever wanted a bicycle that would be practical to take everywhere, this is likely it.  The cost for a mass-produced model would allegedly about 400 British Pounds, which is equivalent to about $700 in the USA.

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Mrs. Bowhunter said...

That bike looks awesome. It's a bike that is very practical for apartment style living.