Monday, September 28, 2009

Magnetic Pedals

In the last year, I have learned a lot about the "standard" technologies that serious cyclists use.  Some make perfect sense to me, like the jerseys and shorts.  But others just seem like a bad idea to me.  At the top of the "bad idea" list is clipless pedals - pedals that snap into a connector on the bottom of specially-made cycling shoes.  Why are these a bad idea?  Because you have to learn exactly how to detach the shoes from the pedals using a very specific motion.  I have not yet met a cyclist who has used these who does NOT have a horror story about a needless crash because they failed to get their feet off the pedals in time.

That being said, the purpose behind these pedals is clear - they keep your feet on the pedals even in ice or rain, and they keep your feet attached at the position best for transmitting power.

Now, a company has invented a new system of magnetic pedals that attach to the bottom of pretty much ANY shoe to which a metal plate has been attached.  This is a GREAT idea to provide all the advantages of clipless pedals, without the risk of getting tangled up during a sudden stop.  I hope the cost of these comes down quickly for consumer/hobbyist models.

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