Thursday, September 10, 2009

President Obamas Health Care Speech

Like most Americans, I was out living my life during most of the president's speech on Health Care, so I missed it. And this morning, all I am finding is coverage of the "You lie!" outburst on the floor that was bad etiquette but otherwise irrelevant to the speech. So, in the interest of clearing things up for the rest of us, here is the transcript of the speech and here is the online video taken by CNN.


BH said...

although presidents do lie, ("I did not have sexual relations...") It is totaly disrespectiful and in poor taste to call the POTUS a lyer in a joint session. What are we here? Britian?

Nomad said...

I agree the "You lie" outburst was unacceptable - the congressman should be made to grovel a bit today and perhaps face consequences to his re-election. But the whole thing has completely obscured what Obama actually talked about - at least in the coverage I am reading.

The big news of the night really is that Obama is NOT backing down on a public option, although he did abandon single-payer. And very few outlets are really talking about it, but instead running the "You lie!" clip over and over and over.

This is why I have abandoned watching CNN or FoxNews at all, anymore.