Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Remembering my first days on two wheels

I have only been cycling for a little over a year now.  I started in June 2008 with the intention of using my bike as nothing more than an exercise tool to lose weight (which worked VERY well, by the way).  A year and 4 months later, I am in nearly the best shape of my life and love cycling for its own sake.  I love the cool kiss of the wind in my face, the sense of complete freedom that is found on two wheels.  So, it was an interesting experience this past weekend when an old friend visited and decided to ride along with us along the Stratford Shoreline.  It was like looking back in time to my first few weeks on the bike as I watched him remember how it all worked, and watched the miles grind at his legs.  Of course, he is in much better shape than I was back then, but still I was reminded that my first ride was about 2 miles long and exhausted me.  Nowadays, I sometimes ride 20 miles without becoming that tired.

Here is hoping that I can keep this up and be even more fit in 2010.  And that I can share my joy in cycling with more friends.

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