Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Road Rules (for Bikes)

My own story - losing 75 lbs in a year by bicycling - has inspired a number of my friends to take up cycling as a hobby or weight-loss plan.  Many have not been on a bicycle since childhood, and thus figure the "rules of the road" for bicycling is "stay in the driveway".  But bicycling has matured a good deal since then, and the roads have also gotten more crowded and less safe.  It is important when riding as an adult to know the rules of the road and the laws that govern how we ride.  "Bicycling Street Smarts" is a good introduction to riding on town and city streets.  It lays out the laws that govern cyclists in most states, and the best techniques for staying safe.  It is 100% free, as well.

Of course, every state has its own unique laws.  Be sure to check out the laws where you live.

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