Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Vending Machine for Bicycles!

Those who have been following Mod-Blog long-term have seen my transformation into a bicycle nut, as treading the pedal has melted away many unsightly pounds for me and brought me to a point of moderate fitness. I love my bikes - one hybrid and one folding - and am trying to expand their use into regular transportation, which is harder than you might think in the hilly, sprawling New England landscape. So, I was very interested to hear about a Dutch company hawking bicycle vending machines for communities. The idea is you pick up a bike at one vending machine, pay a rental fee, and use it until you're done traveling at which point you return it to another vending machine for the next person to use. Low cost for the user, no storage issues, and it encourages use of a sustainable, low-energy, low-emission transportation for the populace. It would be a great way to clean up cities and reduce traffic congestion.

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Sean said...

They've been doing this in Paris for years.