Monday, September 21, 2009

Yet Another Trojan Horse on the Web

If you have forgotten, let me say it again: "Always be careful of what sites you visit and what software you download." A trojan horse dubbed "CLAMPI" first came out in July of this year - hiding in the code of malicious websites - and has begun spreading again in earnest in the last month.

What is unusual about "CLAMPI" is that is specifically targets banking and gambling sites. Once it has installed itself onto a system, it remains hidden until the user visits a known "high value" site. It then goes active and will steal any financial information it can gets its hands onto including bank account numbers, credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, etc.

This virus targets Windows computers specifically. If you are running a version of MacOS X or Linux, you appear to be safe. It is unclear if Windows 7 is vulnerable. If you are running Windows, be sure to upgrade your antivirus software ASAP, and be watching your statements for any suspicious charges.


shadowmom1 said...

Once again, I am happy I have a Mac.

Anonymous said...

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