Saturday, October 31, 2009

Exercise mood-lift can last 12 hours

People always told me that exercise can be addictive, but having always been a books-and-computer sort of guy, I did not believe it.  But when I got into bicycling last year for weight loss, I found that the old wisdom was correct.  I now find myself longing for exercise after a day or so without it.  Now, new studies show the lifting of mood from just 20 minutes of exercise can last up to 12 hours!  Your bicycle may be the best way to combat depression.  Get riding now!

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Pastor Clint said...

Great Post,

I need to get on my bike. I would today but woke up at 5 feeling like a flu bug invaded me. Still yukky, but I have to agree with your post whole heartedly.

shadowmom1 said...

Or you can walk or do any exercise that you find pleasant. 20 minutes is not much!