Thursday, October 29, 2009

File this under "Brilliant or Evil Genius"

I am not quite sure what to make of this one.  Inspired by Johnny Appleseed, two design students have created an add-on to bikes designed to seed cityscapes with flowers.  The idea is a mixture of bubble solution and tiny flower seeds are put in, then the natural motion of the bicycle generates a wind thru the device which blows bubble filled with the seeds.  The bubble drift naturally thru the city streets and land in cracks and crevices where they sprout and produce impromptu gardens to delight the eyes.

Is this a genius idea? Yes.  But one must wonder if it is evil genius, since I am sure city planners will be worried about these impromptu gardens increasing erosion of sidewalks and streets, requiring more frequent repaving projects.  Then again, maybe I am looking a gift horse in the mouth. What do our readers think?

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CRCHAIR said...

Not sure what the best application for this would be. In the cities, the plantings would probably get trampled before they could bloom. Might be nice for mountain bikers who could contribute to biodiversity, while having fun.

BH said...

some fell on rocky soil, some fell in with the briers, some fell on good soil and yielded a great harvest...

What were we talking about again?