Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Toronto seeks to enforce bicycle licensing

In the midst of a debate over a deadly car-vs-bicycling accident (in which the car driver allegedly ran a cyclist into a post office box), Toronto is considering mandatory licensing for all cyclists and registration of all bicycles.  This seems like a bad idea on multiple levels.  First, it is sure to discourage bicycling at a time when both obesity and oil prices are on the rise.  Second, it is a law that is likely to be unenforceable, leading to a large number of scofflaws.  Third, studies seem to show that bicyclists are highly aware of laws, and generally as likely to follow them as your average automobile driver.

Of course, I am open to hear from the other side.  But on the face of it, this seems like just another knee-jerk reaction to "do something", rather than taking the time to do the right thing.

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BH said...


(although it does bring some legitimacy in the eyes of the drivers)

CRCHAIR said...

How is the solution to a cyclist being run off the road into a Post Office Box to say the cyclist who was run off the road should have to have a license? It's like saying if you got food poison from a restaurant that you should have to pass a board of health inspection instead of the restaurant.