Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More on the Mysterious Ukraine Epidemic

For a few weeks now, news has been leaking out of the Ukraine about a mystery illness which has infected a million people, and killed 189 which was first diagnosed as "the Plague" (i.e. an airborne version of the Black Plague), then diagnosed as H1N1, and now has been diagnosed as a new mutation of influenza never seen before. The illness is ravaging the country and has put enough people out of work that there is speculation about postponing the January presidential elections.
Samples have allegedly been sent to the Bristish Institutes of Health and the CDC for analysis. Hopefully, this is not one more worry to add to the winter of 2010. I don't know about our readers' experiences, but my work has seen an almost-100% infection rate for various colds, flus, and infections over the last 3 weeks.

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