Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nothing Ever Done with Land Confiscated in New London

Remember the landmark case that let the city of New London, Connecticut seize private property through eminent domain to sell to a private contractor for "economic development"? Well turns out nothing was ever done with this land other than tear down the houses. Pfizer was going to build a new facility there, but never could get their funding together before the economy went bad. So the Supreme Court decided in Kelo vs. New London that government can seize private property in order to get more tax revenue and the town that won the case, gets no benefit from it. Sounds like poetic irony to me.


Kim Claudio said...

I can't believe that the government would even attempt to run someone over like that it is so not cool and I hope that some type of fairness is given to those whom have been bulldozed by our oh so lovely Government.

shadowmom1 said...

You have to feel even worse for the families that were forced out of their homes.
Then, Pfizer is now moving out of the town completely!!!
It just gets worse and worse.

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