Thursday, November 12, 2009

Senator Dodd trailing all Challengers

Oh, how the mighty are fallen! Chris Dodd was a serious presidential contender in the early days of the 2008 campaign. He may never have had a serious chance against power players like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but he was a respected elder statesman and was ready to step in if the A-list fell (as Rudy Giulinani & Mitt Romney did, leaving John McCain on the GOP side). Then came the banking crash - Chris Dodd was the chairman of the banking committee. Now, Chris Dodd is polling below of all of his potential Republican challengers for the next election.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday shows that three of U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd’s five Republican challengers would beat him if the election were held today.

Former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons would beat Dodd 49 to 38 percent, while Linda McMahon, the former World Wrestling Entertainment executive who says she is willing to spend $30 to $50 million of her own money on the race, would beat Dodd 43 to 41 percent. Also former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley would beat Dodd 47 to 40 percent.

The poll also says 54 percent of voters surveyed last week disapprove of the job Dodd is doing, up from 49 percent in September. Even more bad news for Dodd is that voters say 53 to 39 percent that he does not deserve reelection.
Change is in the wind. And not the "change" that President Obama ran on.


Sean said...

While this is welcome news, remember that we are still a year out and a lot can change once the campaign actually starts. Nonetheless, go GOP! If the GOP can grab a spot in a deep blue state like CT who knows what else they can pick up.

shadowmom1 said...

Chris Dodd has been irrelevant to CT for some time now. But he has name recognition and longevity in his job. I really hope he is out after the next election.