Saturday, November 07, 2009

Weight Log for November 7, 2009

It has been a strange couple of weeks for weight-loss. Last week, I got quite sick with a high fever, and was not able to do pretty much any cycling. Just sleeping over and over. Then, we hit my lowest points of the year, the period from Halloween to November 2 (the anniversary of my father's death). With the health issues and the emotional issues, I decided to make the weekend into "free days" where I ate what I wanted. I spiked up quite a bit, but also came back down quickly. I am feeling better now, but am still easily tired so have not gotten back on the bike.

Hopefully, I can get back on two wheels shortly. I have Veterans Day off on Wednesday, so I may try to do a ride then. Here's hoping!

Weight Log for November 6, 2009

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