Monday, December 28, 2009

Teens disrupt Trumbull Mall

Yeah, I admit it. This is only posted because it happened nearby my own location. But it is proof of what happens when you combine high unemployment with rainy weather - teens with nothing to do will find something to occupy themselves. "Idle hands are the devil's tools."

Hundreds of teenagers became embroiled in a melee and were ejected Saturday night from the Westfield Trumbull mall after harassing customers and exhibiting "rowdy and disruptive behavior."

That resulted in a 17-year-old Bridgeport youth being stunned by a town police officer after charging and knocking the officer to the ground outside the mall, police said.
Here's hoping 2010 is a better year for the economy, so these kids can have better things to do with their time.


shadowmom1 said...

Today they (local news) are saying they are pretty sure it was gang related. I don't know if this makes it better or worse. I don't like the idea of gang activity and gang wars going on at the mall so close to my home.

Anonymous said...

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