Monday, December 14, 2009


Since I work in the financial services field (in Information Technology), it is no surprise to me that there is hostility to banker out there. Even before the Great Recession, bankers were often hated for obscure fees, labyrinthine rules, and a general lack of empathy. (Honestly, most of the banker I have known have been good people who went out of the way for their customers, but this is the perception.) When the crash came, things got even worse since the direct cause blamed was the Mortgage Derivatives market - clearly the fault of financial services management.

Now, one arcade owner is making a mint by taking advantage of anti-banker animosity with a retooled Whack-A-Mole called "Whack-A-Banker". The owner claims it is so popular, he keeps having to replace worn-out mallets.

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shadowmom1 said...

It's the bankers who took billions to shore up their businesses, then gave multi-million bonuses to the high-ups who caused the problems instead of making loans to qualifying businesses and mortgage seekers.