Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NYTimes brings back the Pay Wall

A few years back, Mod-Blog (or at least this contributor) began boycotting the posting of New York Times articles due to a new policy which put some of their most interesting content behind a firewall that customers had to pay for either by various means. Last year, we reversed that decision when they relented and brought back free access. Now, they are ready to resume the Pay Wall, and thus, Mod-Blog (or at least this contributor) is ready to resume the boycott.

The news that I care about can be gotten from many different sources. I appreciate the Times's desire to monetize their content directly rather than via ads, and affirm their right to do so. But I choose to exercise my rights to take my business elsewhere. I am sure CNN, FoxNews, and others will be happy to have us back.


CRCHAIR said...

I agree that it is bad business, but also their right. I too won't pay for news content. I don't pay for any of the insider stuff on ESPN. I just listen to Radio which is supported by advertising to supplement what I can get for free on the internet.

Anonymous said...
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Nomad said...

Spammers are NOT welcome.